Abigale Winter, portrayed by Ana Mulvoy Ten


Amber Millington portrait by Ana Mulvoy Ten for her most famouse roll. She was extremely lucky to play the roll of a twin it was a HARD roll and she did it great!

Abigale Winter (Portrayed by Ana Mulvoy Ten) is the fraternal twin sister of Jared Winter (Alexander Ludwig). Before her name was chosen in the drawing, she lived in a cheap motel in York, England. When she was a baby, her parents were killed in a car crash, forcing her to go from foster home to foster home. Finally, when she was 15 years old, she ran away with her younger sister, Ally (Peyton List) to live their own life. She got a job as a waitress and they earned enough money to stay at the motel for a couple of months. When Abigale was picked at the drawing, it was her first experience with the luxury state-of-the-art equipment.


At first, Abigale is a bit skeptical about the American billionare, Bailey Hudson (Nathalia Ramos), but she ends up dismissing those feelings and they become good friends. However, at a time, they fight over Mason Maxen (Matt Bennett), and a rivalry starts between them.

Abigale also quickly becomes friends with Collin Jacobs (Jason Dolley). Having shared similar pasts, they have alot in common and there is a possible romantic vibe between them. He's the person she goes to when something happens that makes her sad, angry, or embarrassed.

Her roommate is Natalie Couper (Dianna Agron), who is very stuck-up and snobbish when around other people, but sweet and kind when alone or near adults. Abigale likes talking to her, but also thinks she is a big pain in the neck.


In the end, Collin asks Abigale, "What are we gonna do now?". She responds by telling him that she wants to get to know Jared better. When they're about to part, she hugs him, and whisperes, "Keep in touch." During the credits, they show Jared's family surprising Abigale with a penthouse in Birmingham and a pomeranian named 'Tootsie'. She also get a letter from Collin that says, "So, how's your new life? Tell me all about it." It ends with her writing back to him and sealing the envelope.

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